Fall cleanse

October 28th - November 10th

It’s that time again! Ayurveda recommends resetting the digestive fire at least twice a year. Why? Because it can:

•Balance Blood Sugar

•Balance Weight

•Balance Mood

•Detoxify & Strengthen the body

•Rejuvenate the skin

•Prevent & or aide the body in fighting chronic illness

•Strengthen cardio, neurological, & hormonal systems

•Energize physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually

•Increase Motivation & Vitality

•Rejuvenate, Body Mind & Soul

The Tulsi Thyme Fall Cleanse Includes:

• Your own personal food plan

• 14 days of 5:30 A.M. Yoga

• 2 private consults with Kerry Smith

• Weekly checkins/pot luck juice

• Support through e-mail

• Be part of an amazing community

Cost - $165 until October 23

$175 after October 23rd