I wholeheartedly (heart is completely appropriate here) and without reservation recommend the Healing Earth Studio 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program for anyone interested in becoming a Yoga teacher or deepening their practice. Kerry Smith is a wonderful teacher with broad experience and deep knowledge of the science of Yoga. She is able to effectively and lovingly communicate this to her students. In addition, this training is arranged so it can be integrated into a work/life schedule, a rare opportunity. I have found the training program to be physically, spiritually, and emotionally transformative.

— T. Booth
This class started for me, with a desire to deepen my practice, and understanding of Yoga. It has become so much more. Kerry offers a philosophy rich study with an honest and nurturing attention to the profound and deep transformation the practice, reading and discussion open the door for. Kerry brings an easily approachable means to understand and interpret the language of Yoga, holding a space, and an invitation that is safe to explore the dynamics of this practice. Namaste
It is part of the ‘Big Good’!!
— J. Kirkpatrick
It changed my life.
— K. Fritch